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Addiction Psychiatry Services

General and Addiction Psychiatry Services.

Substance abuse treatment services include:

  • Substance use disorders related to benzodiazepines, opiates, alcohol use among others
  • Substance-induced disorders: mood, depression, anxiety, psychosis
  • Dual diagnosis; ie, overlap between general psychiatry and substance use disorders
  • Maintenance treatment / relapse prevention
  • For opiate use disorder -buprenorphine (suboxone)
  • For alcohol use disorder with disulfiram, acamprosate , naltrexone
  • Drug use monitoring / urine toxicology testing will be performed randomly upon request by the provider as a requirement to receive medication prescriptions to address substance use disorders such as buprenorphine. Failure to comply with random urine toxicology screens may result in termination of treatment.

Specific treatments include:

  • Buprenorphine / suboxone for opiate use disorder
  • Naloxone / narcan rescue kits for opiate use disorder
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Elia Gonzalez-Rodriguez, M.D.
Board Certified Psychiatrist

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“I have a doctor who listens and offers help and direction, which is a great help to achieve my goal of living.”

Jonathon S.

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Your life is important, it’s time to start living it!

Dr. G is a kind, considerate, professional who listens to her patients.  I didn’t feel insecure or like I was just another patient to her.  She cares and that’s what matters.

“Our team at Pacific Phoenix Psychiatry is here to Help!  We have helped hundreds of patients unlock their potential for a better life. We have help thousands boost brain activity in the area of the brain responsible for depression.

Elia Gonzalez-Rodriguez, M.D.

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Elia Gonzalez-Rodriguez , M.D. Board Certified Psychiatrist

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